Pools are a great place to have fun with friends and family, especially as the temperature dramatically increases. While we all can have a great time by the pool, we still have to be vigilant of the potential dangers and accidents that can occur and do everything in our power to ensure the highest level of safety in or around the pool this summer. Here are 5 simple safety steps to keep everyone safe while having a great time this summer:

1. Always Be Aware Of Who Is In The Pool

Nobody should ever be left unattended in a pool, especially a child. It is crucial that there is always somebody designated to keeping an eye on what is going on in the pool to monitor those in the pool and make sure that everyone is able to hold their own in the water. In addition, the designated watcher should always have a view of the entire pool as well as their phone handy in case there is ever an emergency.


2. Teach Your Children How To Swim

This may seem like common sense, but it is essential that you invest the time or resources in making sure your child knows how to swim and feels confident in their ability to swim before they have free range in the pool. Outside of the pool, swimming can still be a potentially lifesaving skill that everyone should learn.


3. Don’t Rely On Pool Toys

What’s more fun for a kid than a pool full of toys? Even though kids find great enjoyment in these pool toys, it is important not to rely on pool toys such as floaties or noodles to keep your children safe if they are not confident in the water.


4. Install A Pool Gate

Anytime you have a pool along with children or animals, you need to have a pool gate of five feet or taller that has a self-closing and self-latching mechanism. In states like Florida and Arizona, there are specific laws for pool fences.


5. Put A Lock On Your Pool Fence

A great way to make sure your kids can’t get near the pool unsupervised is to install a lock that they won’t be able to reach. This way, they can only enter the pool when there is an adult there that is able to open the gate and then supervise.


At BSN Security, we work with communities and HOA’s of all sizes to ensure that their residents are completely secure. Our team of security specialists will work with you to find the best way to protect you and your family this summer. To get more information about what BSN Security can do for you, contact us today!