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What better way to increase security for your building than installing an advanced access control system through BSN Security. Not only will your employees feel safer, but it enables you to keep track of exactly who, when and at which points of entry, people are entering and exiting your building.Here are some of the primary benefits of Access Control: 



Let’s say you need to limit access to certain people at specific times during the day. An access control system can help you to achieve this security goal. Access control also enables you to give certain employees access to only one or specific areas of your building or facility. This could also include subcontractors, such as cleaning staff, plumbers, electricians, etc. 



Access control systems can track all visitor activity by establishing a “Log” of records from which you can review detailed information including when and which doors were opened or closed. This could be helpful in establishing more effective loss prevention practices if you need to determine how and by whom company assets were removed without authorization. 



Access control systems can centralize control for your security team by minimizing the need to place security personnel at each point of entry/exit of your building, thereby saving you money. As mentioned previously, it could also enable you to create more effective loss prevention practices thereby saving you money in reduced losses from theft of company property.



Our access control systems offer the ability to monitor, manage, and control your facilities in real-time from anywhere. BSN Security designs systems to work with your budget as a Phoenix, AZ area business that communication via only an internet connection. Our hosted entry control, video, and ID badging is scalable to accommodate single or multiple sites. By reducing physical hardware requirements your data is secure and not subject to environmental failures. 


Our team will work with you to provide customizable packages

designed by our security experts to meet your expectations for enhanced safety.


We are dedicated to helping your team feel safe, secure and connected with the very latest security solutions.