Frequently Asked Question

1. How do i get key for Business for my building?
Submit a request to learn more about Key for Business. A trained technician will survey your building and install the smart fob receiver/transmitter,which typically takes 1-2 hours.

2. Can delivery drivers see the building’s access code?
No, the deliver driver only sees a button to request access on the Amazon delivery app.

3. Can delivery drivers re-enter the building once they complete their delivery?
No, delivery drivers cannot re-enter the building once they’re done with all the building’s deliveries.

4. Will Key for Business change the existing access experience for my residents?
Your residents can continue to use their existing access methods.key for Business does not disrupt the existing building access system.

5. What kinds of systems work with the smart fob?
The smart fob works with call Boxes, buzzers, Key pads and many other building access systems.