You’ve made sacrifices and put in the work to get your business to where it is now. The last thing you should have to worry about at this point is how to keep it safe from outside threats. Here are 7 tips to alleviate the headaches of protecting your business!


1. Scheduled Shredding

Documents that are printed in your office are going to contain client’s personal information or confidential business information. The best way to ensure that this information doesn’t get into the wrong hands is to set up quarterly dates throughout the year to have these papers shredded. Setting a reoccurring shred date allows employees to get used to the practice and will teach them to set aside sensitive information, along with less papers around your office in the months to come.


2. Emergency Plans

It is critical to keep all employees safe in the case of an emergency. Companies need to ensure that their employees are aware of emergency plans in the case of fire, robberies and theft, or tornadoes. Evacuation plans should be outlined and displayed in a prominent area.


3. Access Control

Employee misconduct and internal theft are realities for businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t have to be a disgruntled employee, it could just be an opportunity and temptation in an area where certain employees shouldn’t have access.

By investing in proper access control systems, you can be sure that sensitive areas are only available to authorized personnel.


4. Functioning Cameras

Dummy cameras seem like a good idea until something actually happens where you need surveillance footage. Make sure your business is properly fitted with several security cameras that work to ensure your business is safe whether you are there or not.

Modern day technology allows you to manage your cameras 24/7 from a smart device, making it easier than ever to keep an eye on your assets from wherever you are.

5. If It’s Valuable, Put It In A Safe

Having a decent safe is an extremely effective way to protect valuables or sensitive information. A good safe will protect against brute force as well as fire and other damage in the event of a storm or natural disaster. It won’t be a cheap investment, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.


6. Audits

To ensure business and client documents are being kept track of and not falling into the wrong hands, it is recommended to hold annual audits. This will allow management to know what documents are being kept by employees in paper and what documents are being stored digitally. These audits will allow companies to analyze their procedures and also get employee feedback to know what can be improved to keep sensitive information secure.


At BSN Security, we work with businesses and communities of all sizes to ensure that their employees or residents are completely secure. Our team of security specialists will work with you to find a security program that meets your specific needs. To get more information about what BSN Security can do for you, contact us today!