BSN access control systems offer the ability to monitor, manage and control facilities. This allows you the ability to control entry or restrict access to specific people or groups . An added layer of protection is essential regardless of the size of your facility. Our security designs offer real-time results and we are budget friendly so your business or community remain safe and secure.

Single Door Access Control Systems 

  • Keypads: A common option for areas that are restricted. This allows a user to have a code which must be entered in order to unlock the door.

  • Card Readers: This safe and secure access control system is a key card or fob which grants access through a mounted reader. This is a popular option for administrative workers and are often less expensive.

  • Mobile Access Entry: Modern form of access control through the technology in a smartphone device. This allows a user to unlock doors, gates, and more by using a mobile app through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and is also a hand-free method for entry.


Our BSN Multi-Door Access Control System, also called smart or mobile solutions, allows more than one access point, such as doors and windows throughout a property and combines into a comprehensive central point, such as a mobile app to enable access via cloud storage and management.


BSN Access Control Packages:

PDK Single Door Kit: -Cloud Node with built in single IO controller – $1096.55 PDK Mullion Reader – $159.98 PDK Two Door Kit: -Cloud Node and Single IO Door Controller – Wireless – $1357.09 -Reader for each door – $159.98