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Save Money! DKS Cellular* control boxes provide an alternate to standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) phone lines that are expensive to install and maintain and are becoming increasingly scarce and unreliable for data transfer via obsolete modem technology. The cellular control box eliminates the need for expensive long wire runs (trenching) that typically provide voice and data communications. DKS Cellular control boxes easily connect to DoorKing 1800, Access Plus, and 1830 Series telephone entry systems replacing old fashion POTS telephone lines and eliminating the need for RS232, RS485, Ethernet and other expensive wiring means. Typical business phone lines run between $60 to $120 per month, PLUS the expense of long distance charges. Using VoIP? You still need a VoIP provider (another monthly expense) plus the cost of trenching to run ethernet cabling to the entry system. DKS Cellular control boxes eliminate the need for costly trenching and long wire runs, and in many instances the monthly cellular fees are less than that of an old fashion (soon to be obsolete) business land line.

Models 1800-080 and 1800-081 offer a full capable cellular interface that provides both voice communication and programming via the AT&T 4G-LTE Cellular network. It is important to understand that the DKS Cellular service is the only service that will allow you to “push” the programming data directly from your computer to the entry system via the cellular network – a true machine to machine (M2M) connection. Other systems claim they can be programmed via the cellular network, but this is accomplished with a series of text messages (Imagine trying to program hundreds of telephone numbers, names, card codes, holiday schedules, permission levels, hold open time zones, elevator control parameters, etc. with text messages) sent to the entry system, or by other wired connection means. The ability to push the data directly from the computer to the entry system via the cellular network makes the DKS Cellular service unique in the industry.

Additional Information

Use the 1800-080 with the following DKS entry systems: 1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, 1838 with Remote Account Manager software Version 6.3 or higher.

Use the 1800-081 with the following DKS entry systems: 1802-AP, 1808-AP, 1810-AP, 1812-AP, 1838-AP with Access Plus Account Manager software, Version 1.07 A or higher.

The Model 1801-080 is a voice only cellular device and is designed to operate on non-pc programmable systems. This device provides voice communication only and can be used when POTS lines become unreliable or they become impracticle to install because of related cost (trenching, long wire runs, etc.). Programming or data transfer is not possible with the voice only device. This also includes modem programming (modem to modem communication is not possible over a cellular netowrk).

Use the 1801-080 with the following DKS entry systems: 1802, 1802-EPD, 1803, 1808, 1810, 1812.

The 1801-080 can also be used to replace standard POTS lines on any brand telephone entry system.

* DKS cellular control boxes operate on the AT&T 4G-LTE cellular network (where available), and as such, a monthly subsciption fee applies (just like your cell phone). The DKS Cellular service provides very competative monthly rates for your cellular service. DKS Cellular service is available in all states including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all U.S. Territories. DKS Cellular service is not available in Canada, Mexico or other countries. Click here to check for AT&T coverage at your location. (link is external)

DKS Cellular control boxes may not be compatible with older telephone entry systems. Using a cellular control box with an older system may require a circuit board upgrade for the entry system. Contact your DoorKing representative for more information.