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1. The pinpointing tip and 360° side-scanning capability allow the user to scan with the side of the detector.
2. An on board LED flashlight also helps provide assistance in low-light recovery.
3. Microprocessor circuitry in the device helps ensure maximum sensitivity.
4. No turning necessary.
5. Includes battery and Holster package.


Type: Hand-Held
Material: ABS Plastic Exterior
Length: (In.)9
Exterior Width: (In.)1-1/2
Thickness: (In.)1-1/2
Weight: (Lbs.)3
Audio: Alarm Chirp
Max. Operating Temp: -35 Degrees to +158 Degrees F
Indicator: LED/Audio/Vibrate
Battery: Standard 9 Volts or Rechargeable NiCad 9 Volts Battery Life Carbon 16 hr., Alkaline 30 hr., Rechargeable 8 hr. Max. No.