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  • The RFID Reader sends out an electromagnetic field to establish a Read Zone.
  • Once the RFID Tag is energized, it sends its identity back to the reader.
  • The RFID Reader then collects the identity data and is able to process it.
  • When vehicle with an RFID Tag enters this zone, the electromagnetic energy from the reader energizes the RFID Tag.


What RFID Can Do For You

Convenient – RFID offers you a hands-free way to identify vehicles and allow their entry into secure locations. No need to press any buttons or roll down a window.

Cost Effective – RFID Solutions are often less expensive than other comparable options available in the market.

Discrete– Headlamp and Windshield RFID Tags are designed with a clear base so they can blend into vehicle surfaces.

Secure – Premium RFID Tags offer a Break on Tampering or Removal feature, ensuring that the tag cannot be transferred to another vehicle. Only the authorized vehicle can enter.