COMMON QUESTIONS is the leading technology provider of Smart Home Security Services. Their award winning technology is used by over two million people to help protect what matters the most. They developed and released the first ever interactive home security solution over a decade ago and completely changed how security systems work today.

Users can remotely arm and disarm their security systems in addition to remotely controlling their thermostats, lighting controls, video monitoring, home locks and even viewing alarm history.
In the past alarms communicated using analog phone lines, but the new standard has switched over to cellular communication. As an alternative to these, internet communication can be used as well.
All new alarm accounts are required to complete an alarm permit based upon their city. You can find these on your cities website. You will have to fill out a form and submit it to the local police department.
If a glass break detector “hears” broken glass, an alarm is activated. These protect against someone that tries to bypass opening a door/ window and coming through by breaking glass.
Central station is the company responsible for receiving and responding to alarm signals they receive from out customers. At times the central station may transfer a call to us because a customer is looking for service. A phone number for general monitoring service is 480-634-5910.

This is a trouble/ error light. Hit *2 and the panel will read the trouble signal/ error. You can then contact a BSN representative or attempt to fix it yourself by visiting our troubleshooting guides.

This means that the battery needs to be replaced.
A motion sensor (motion detector) is the linchpin of a security system. It is the main device that detects when someone is in your home when they should not be. They use technology to detect movement in an area.
A keypad is an integral part of a security system. It can be used to arm, disarm, monitor and communicate with the alarm. It can be used to verify that all zones are operational and ensure that the backup battery is functioning properly.
The control panel is the primary controller of a home’s security system. It can control door and window sensors, motion sensors, wired or wireless security cameras, alarms and houses the battery backup for the system.
A contact consists of a sensor that is attached to the frame of a door or window and a magnet placed on the door or window itself. The magnet acting on the sensor creates a circuit and when the magnet is separated from the sensor a signal is sent to the security system signifying an entry breach.
These are the two primary types of door contacts. Recessed are more expensive but more aesthetically pleasing. These are installed inside the frame of a door or window. Surface on the other hand are more visibly apparent but cost less.
Wireless means that the means of communication are going through a wireless connection such as the internet. Hard wired means that the connection is coming.