Below are a few practical tips to maintaining your system:

  1. Clean the camera lenses.
  2. Trim the landscaping around the camera.
  3. Check the camera’s housing, which should remain water proof. Check for signs of dirt, condensation, and water to know if the camera housing integrity is still intact.
  4. Check all connectors for signs of corrosion and immediately replace them if there is, as this can short out other equipment.
  5. Verify the camera is recording and check for the correct date and time at least once per week. BSN Security makes it our practice to perform regular maintenance on camera systems to ensure they remain in proper working order for our clients. When applicable, we also employ the use of cloud hosted devices to notify us of any failures on the system such as power spikes, camera outages, or hard drive failures.

If you would like more information on video surveillance system or a regular maintenance program, please contact us at 480-686-9052 or click “Chat With Us”.