#1: Ease of use


Over 70% of respondents said that ease of use was their number one priority.  No matter what the investment was for a customer, all responded that if it wasn’t functional there was no return on investment.


Many systems on the market can have a complicated multilayered setup that end users feel is too cumbersome to be used effectively.  At BSN we vet the system as end user not an integrator.  If we feel a system is too complicated to walk them through it over the phone, it isn’t the right system.


#2: Cost Effective and Scale-able


Respondents are looking for a cost-effective solution that meets their needs.  43% of business leaders feel they don’t have an adequate budget or resources to invest in physical security.


We can all agree cost is an obvious factor when investing in an access control infrastructure.  Customers come up with their ideal list of doors that may require scaling when the budget isn’t there.  At BSN, we feel it is important to work with a customer to create an effective plan that incorporates not only a low cost solutions but also an access control infrastructure to cover the more critical areas.


#3: Mobile Solutions


81% of respondents rely on mobile applications, with 25% moving to mobile solutions to manage their security.  Respondents are looking to be able to enter a door or control their system with their phone.


Small business owners rely on these flexible solutions because it is unrealistic to have an IT person on staff to run their access control system. At BSN, we provide cloud-based access control solutions for end users to add/delete an employee at any moment.  This saves on overall operating costs for the customer.

The results of this survey proved that customers are looking to do more with less and we are ready to meet that challenge.  Contact us today to find out more on what access control solutions are right for you.


**Statistics courtesy of Brivo Access Control