As security professionals, we are asked, “Can we put a camera here?” The location has no power or data connection, and running cable would be cost prohibitive or not meet the aesthetics the client is trying to maintain.


Solution: The Arlo Wire-Free Camera

We were skeptical at first: a camera that is battery operated and wireless–how good could it be?  Testing was our only way to know for sure.  With the help of a few of our customer, we put several to the test.

  • One customer used it to view the backflow across the street from their house that kept getting stolen.

  • A few of the customers moved its location to test its performance around their house.

  • A small business linked it up with their Eagle Eye VMS and used it to monitor their back door for employee compliance.

The cameras came back with rave reviews and customers reported the battery lasted up to one month.  (For hard to reach locations we advise the use of the solar panel or hard wire.  Otherwise invest in the battery re-charge kit.)

Why do we like it?

  • 1080p HD quality video

  • 7 days free cloud storage

  • Rechargeable battery with optional solar panel for power

  • Night Vision – up to 25 feet visibility